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Tip Test:   Take the brush you have been using on your dog and run the pins down your arm and you will see scratches on your arm.  This is because those brushes have not been ground and polished and they are very damaging and irritating to the skin of your canine and not only to the skin, for if you were to look at those tips under a magnifier you would find that they look like blades of a saw and they do break and cut hair.  In many cases when you see dander after brushing it is not dander at all, it is skin that you have grated off while brushing, just like the scratches you now have on your arm.  Take that brush that you have just scratched your arm with and do it a hundred strokes like you brush you canine and see how irritated and flaky your skin will be after that experiment.   Now, take any of Chris Christensen Systems brushes and run the pins down your arm and you won't find a scratch, no matter how hard or how many times you run that brush down your arm.

Eliminate undo damage now with one of Chris Christensen Systems Show Dog Brushes.   All it takes is the right coat care regimen with the right coat care products and the right coat care tools for a healthy, thick and full coat!

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