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Chris Christensen - New! Spectrum 10 Conditioner, for soft delicate drop coats

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Chris Christensen - New! Spectrum 10 Conditioner, for soft delicate drop coats
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Spectrum 10 Conditioner is an ultra-smoothing conditioner for soft delicate drop coats. Designed specifically to eliminate frizz, fight humidity and tame dry, coarse, unruly coats; creating a sleek finish. Lightweight therapeutic creams provide easily absorbed moisturization helping to resist humidity for a luxuriously soft, smooth sleek finish. This extremely emollient formula enhanced with emulsifiers, adds lubricity and slip needed in combing and brushing. For silky shiny lengths or soft controlled waves Spectrum 10 Conditioner delivers unsurpassed results.

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Amazing shine
leisha (Pittsburgh PA) 12/22/2014 5:21 PM
I was happy with my yorkie shampoo, but thought I'd try something new. This shampoo is amazing for my female with the softer coat. When I finish her up she is silky, shiny and super soft. Her hair almost looks human it's so flowing and beautiful, and I don't even wrap her hair, so I'm extremely happy with this entire line of products.
Sandy Adkins (Pikeville, Kentucky) 9/29/2012 10:35 AM
I wanted to write a review to let all pet owners out there know what a great product this is! I have owned 3 Maltese in my life and have always struggled to achieve the long, silky, flowing hair that is pictured up top on this web page. No matter what product I bought or how many hours I worked to groom, my poor pets would have to endure so much as I tried to detangle their sticky, matted coats. I would work every day- sometimes 2 hours at a time trying to be gentle in order to get out the knots so that I would not have to cut their long flowing coats. But, it seemed that the more I washed to try to get the hair not to be sticky- the worse things became. I tried detangling sprays, different types of brushes and combs and different conditioners (all to no avail). Nothing every worked. The hair would fly away and have static everywhere and then just over night be right back matted to the skin again. I would have to cut their coats right down to the matted hair next to the skin. Their hair would eventually grow out and I would be right back to square one. What a pain for my poor, loving pets and me!!!! Then, finally, I found the Spectrum 10 Conditioning system. I love it! My gorgeous Maltese now has beautiful, flowing, white hair that almost touches the floor. She looks marvelous and everyone thinks that she must be a show dog. The Spectrum 10 Conditioner has a wonderful scent that leaves her hair smelling terrific and feeling like real, pure, silk cloth! To achieve these results, I first used the Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo to remove the buildup residue that was stuck to her hair from so many previous shampoos and conditioners. Then, I used the Spectrum 10 Conditioner to apply a small amount in my hand to rub into her hair around her face, neck, back and bottom. It only took a litte in each place. I made sure to rinse it completely. Then, I blow dried her hair and it laid beautifully- so soft to the touch with that great scent lingering!! Buy!

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