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Chris Christensen - CLEAN START, Clarifying Shampoo

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Removes residue build-up and brings natural integrity back to the coat.

Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo has one job and that is to remove waxes, oils, resins and build-up from the coat and other products that weigh down the coat with regular use. It differs from regular shampoos because Clean Start contains an acidic ingredient to cut through and remove those residues left behind. It should be used for that weekly build-up remover or about once a month depending on your canines individual situation. Enriched Pro-Vitamin formula allows you deep cleansing without stripping the coat of its essential oils.

A "Clean Start" brings clarity. Good for all coat types, gives the coat a fresh healthy look through cleansing. Clean Start prevents off-casts and problems that impede the coat's natural shine, health and vitality.

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Sandy Adkins (Pikeville, Kentucky) 9/29/2012 10:02 AM
I wanted to write a review to let all the pet owners out there know what an excellent product this is! I have owned 3 beautiful Maltese over the past years and I have always struggled to get the long,silky,flowing white coats that I saw on dog shows. They would become tangled and knotted no matter how often I brushed or washed them. They would mat right down next to the skin. The more I washed and tried various shampoos and conditioners, the worst things became. Inevitably, I would always have to cut their hair right down to the tangled area next to their skin and let it start growing out again. But, yet, sure enough, over time once it got longer I would be right back to where I started again. Sticky, matted, tangled hair that no special brush or comb or detangling spray could help. The hair would just stick together and knot back up over night after washing and brushing it out beautifully the day before. Finally, I tried the Clean Start system. I love it! I now have a flowing, white, gorgeous haired Maltese. Her hair now almost drags the floor and is getting longer every day. To achieve these results, I washed her hair with the product and then I made sure to use the Spectrum 10 conditioner that I rinsed out. It does not take much of neither one of these products. However, instead of diluting the shampoo in water before using it to pour over her hair, I applied it directly from a small amount that I placed in my hand in order to spread it over her hair in various places starting from her face and moving down to her neck, back and bottom-using a small amount for each section. After blow drying her hair, I waited about 2 to 3 days later and did the whole process again. Each time, I would cut out a few more of the knots that were too close to the skin to detangle. Even though, it took about 3 shampoos to remove the buildup before her hair no longer matted constantly, the first shampoo gave me immediate results. I use only these 2 products weekly. Buy!

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