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The following information is Provided by Chris Christensen of Chris Christensen Systems

A Guide to reducing excess coat loss (including thinning, breakage and splitting)

Thick, full coat means a healthy coat.

When the coat is thick and full, it's usually healthy, shiny, full of volume and body... most everything you want in a great-looking coat.

Much excess coat loss CAN be prevented.

Coat loss has three causes.  1.  medical conditions, 2.  genetic/hereditary factors and 3.  physical damage to the coat itself.  However, the cause of most coat loss is physical or chemical damage to the coat from bleaching products, alcohol in products, blow dryers, improper/inferior brushes and combs and excessive brushing or combing and all around improper styling techniques.   While some coat loss cannot be solved, the majority of excess coat loss caused by breakage can be prevented by treating the coat right and using proper products and the right tools.

What are the causes of coat loss?

Excess coat loss has three principal causes:

1.  Medical Conditions

2.  Genetic/Hereditary factors, and

3.  Physical/Chemical damage to the coat itself:

Physical/Chemical Damage...

Without question, physical/chemical damage to the coat shaft is the #1 reason for unnecessary coat loss and thinning from breakage.

Chemicals such as bleaching agents, products with alcohol, laundry detergents and dish washing detergents used as a shampoo are some of the culprits of coat loss, these permanently damage and weaken the coat shaft - making it vulnerable to breakage and splitting.

Blow Dryers - Blow dryers can burn the coat shaft.  Even the healthiest coat can become so seriously damaged it can split apart and begin to break off in every increasing amounts.  If you must blow dry ONLY USE A FORCED AIR DRYER, they do not have heat elements to burn the coat.  Also, be careful not to towel dry excessively.

Excess Combing and Brushing and/or improper or inferior brushes or combs can also cause undue damage - especially if you use the wrong kind of comb or brush for your breed.  It is also very important that you never brush a completely dry coat.   When the coat is completely wet or completely dry is when it is at its' most venerable stages.  A completely wet coat is at its maximum tensile strength and elasticity with aggressive brushing or combing at this stage you can stretch the coat to its' breaking point - kind of like pulling on a rubber band until it snaps.  When the coat is completely dry it has little tensile strength and elasticity, therefore at this stage aggressive combing or brushing is like seeing how far you can bend a dried piece of pasta before it snaps - not very far.

Static Electricity - although static electricity itself can not cause damage to the coat brushing or combing a coat when static electricity is present can cause damage due to the friction that is created.  To achieve instant luster, manageability, smooth rough cuticles while relaxing waves and split ends add Chris Christensen Systems Silk Spirits to you grooming regime.  Silk Spirits is a Liquid Silk Protein containing Silk Peptides, Vitamin B and Panthenol.   Can be used on wet or clean dry coat.

When do I brush and comb then? The most optimum time to brush a coat is...

1.  While you are blowing dry a wet coat with a forced air dryer.


2.  While the coat is dry and only if   you spray a light mist of water or Chris Christensen Systems Ice On Ice on the coat, and then proceed with brushing or combing.

If you ever hear the sound of the brush when brushing you are brushing too hard and never snap a comb out of the coat, go all the way to the ends completely of the coat shaft - clearing the ends before re-entering the comb back to the base of the coat shafts.

Excess scrubbing when shampooing - can also cause undue damage - not only to a coat that might not be in tip-top shape to begin with but you are also doing damage to the skin.  There are natural oils in the skin that are necessary for a healthy coat and the majority of these oils have to be left behind.  Even to the extreme that on shorter coated breeds shampoo with a sponge or body net.  On double coated breeds kneed when shampooing like you would kneed a sweater when cleaning.   Once you let extensive breakage begin, the results can range from alarming to devastating, and the longer the problem is allowed to continue, the tougher it is to correct.  A simple rule of thumb: the more your do to you canines coat... the more likely you are to lose it to breakage and splitting.

But there's good news too.

Because fortunately, while physical and chemical damage are the leading cause of excess coat loss and thinning, it is also the most easily preventable.   All it takes is the right coat care regimen with the right coat care products.

Preventing excess coat loss... the Chris Christensen Systems™ Day To Day™ Moisturizing Shampoo and Day To Day™ Moisturizing Conditioner way.

Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo and Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner is the only canine coat product utilizing this unique natural botanical extract balanced system.   Developed by our laboratories, our exclusive formula with natural botanicals fortifies each strand of the coat, penetrating from the outside cuticle to the inner cortex, the core of the coat shaft itself.  It's a liquid fortifier that bolsters the coat's inner structure without ever altering the color, affecting the natural coat texture, or weighing it down.

Since excessive grooming procedures  are necessary for showing a canine it is easy to be depleting the coat's natural protection, it is vital that you reinforce the coat between shows using Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo and Chris Christensen Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner to keep it strong and resilient.  You'll see a dramatic difference in your brush and comb... and a beautiful difference in your canines coat.

Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner and Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo is never too harsh to even use each and every day, nor does it leave any feeling of "coated" or "weighted" residue to the coat.


Chris Christensen Systems has constructed the perfect precise brush system.  Each brush is specifically constructed and designed for the Show Dog.  Three custom designed pin brushes for the variety of coat lengths, textures and fullness.  A 20mm pin brush for the short coats and toy breeds, a 27mm pin brush for the medium to long coats and a 35mm pin brush for the long, full coats. SEE BRUSHES

Medical Conditions...

Coat loss can be brought on by countless medical conditions and factors including:

Drugs, hormonal changes, skin problems, illnesses and diet.  Some medical factors include: antibiotics, sedatives, amphetamines, tranquilizers, cortisone, thyroid medications, anti-coagulants, mercurial diuretics, antacids, bismuth compounds.  Always ask your Veterinarian about potential side effects with these and any other medications you may give your canine.

Hormonal changes - many bitches have some coat loss "Blowing Coat" during their cycle and/or just before and/or right after and/or during pregnancy.

Skin Problems - Dermatitis, Inflammations, Seborrhea, Scaling or Dandruff, Allergic Reactions, Fungus, Hot Spots etc. can obstruct the coat follicles and cause thinning of the coat and coat loss.  SEE PEACE & KINDNESS

Illness and physical traumas - high fever, shock, anemia, thyroid conditions, chronic illness, major surgery, chemotherapy and rapid weight loss can all cause coat loss.

Diet - though less common than most think, coat loss is documented by improper protein intake, iron deficiency, over dosage of vitamin A, dietary changes and lack of essential fatty acids.

Genetic/Hereditary Coat Loss...

Research has shown that this is a relatively small part of the problem.  Genetic coat loss can be due to the following hereditary factors which is usually by breed not by breeding:

1.  Thickness - Generally, thicker coat shafts are stronger and less likely to break.

2.  Color - Straight black and straight red are usually the strongest hair; white coats tend to be thinner at least the coat shaft itself is thinner, there just might be more of it, but they are definitely more delicate and more likely to break or split.

3.  Curl/Texture - Curls create points of weakness through the coat shaft; the greater the curl - greater likelihood of coat loss from splitting and breakage.

Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo...

This gentle exfoliating high performance therapeutic moisturizing shampoo transforms damaged skin and coat.  Moisturizing proteins replenish the coat and skin to a natural balance.  Addressing the health of the skin and coat at a molecular level.

The body produces enzymes naturally, their number and efficiency decreases from damaging elements and age.  For this reason Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo will supplement not only vital coat care nutrients, but the elements responsible for breaking them down therefore promoting healthy coat growth and preventing breakage, thinning and splitting.  Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo is a bio-active enzymatic complex with precise levels of proteins, moisture, and vital nutrients needed for the coat and skin to replenish its' inner strength, outer beauty, tensile strength and elasticity.

Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner...

With the enhancement of our natural botanical ingredients you can now transform damaged coat and skin, replenishing moisturizing proteins to a natural balance.

Chris Christensen Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner versatile consistency adjust automatically to the individuals moisture balance requirements needed.   Improving every strand from the inside out.  Replenishing and restoring lost moisture oil free.  Smoothes rough cuticles and penetrates emollients infusing a multi-blend of absorbable properties to the cortex therefore promoting coat growth, tensile strength, elasticity and shine for healthy skin and coat.

Chris Christensen Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner does not effect the "natural feel" of the coat, nor does it weigh down the coat because its' penetrating moisture properties are under the lens where they should be.

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