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Frequently Asked Questions (The Following Information is provided by the Maker's of The Coat Handler.)

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Q. What is the difference between the Groomer's 15 to 1 Shampoo Concentrate and the Premium 5 For 1 Shampoo Concentrate?


The Groomer's 15 to 1 Shampoo Concentrate should be used on all mature pets to remove the residues of other products. It is designed to be a"clarifying" shampoo which cleans without stripping the coat. It also works wonderfully to whiten whites, on greasy cats, and when used repeatedly will remove most chemical residues (i.e., cocker and schnauzer "crud"). Since silicones are very resistant to shampoos, the damage caused by silicones might not be able to be removed by this method. Some problems need to "grow out" and be cut off to start with new hair or coat.

In a grooming shop, we estimate that 95 percent of all clients will do very well when maintained in the Groomer's 15 to 1 Shampoo Concentrate.

The Premium 5 for 1 Shampoo Concentrate is an extremely mild shampoo that is designed to maintain a coat that is already chemically clean. This applies to animals that are bathed once a week (very frequently) and are not really dirty but need to be freshened up. This shampoo won't dry out a coat or skin by frequent bathing. Even some show dogs might be bathed every day and not have damage to the coat with Premium 5 for 1 Shampoo Concentrate.

This shampoo is also very desirable for "hardcoats" (i.e., terrier coats) and also for very "soft coats" (i.e.,cotton coats) when diluted at a 10 to 1 dilution instead of the regular 5 for 1 ratio. This is very easy to understand as the milder a shampoo is, the less it will actually soften a coat. So hard coats stay harderand soft coats are not softened by this shampoo.

It is still recommended that the Groomer's 15 to 1 Shampoo Concentrate be used on all of these coats FIRST to clean up any residues and then after five or six applications the switch can be made to the Premium 5 for 1 Shampoo Concentrate.

The Premium 5 for 1 Shampoo Concentrate is is ideal as a hypoallergenic shampoo as it is very gentle, has no additives, and is FRAGRANCE FREE!

Dogs maintained in Premium 5 for 1 Shampoo should be bathed in Groomer's 15 to 1 Shampoo Concentrate about once a month for that deep-down cleaning.


Why should I use the Coat Handler Shampoos with the Coat Handler Conditioner instead of using other shampoos?


Other shampoos have additives (i.e., proteins,oils, silicones, lanolins, keratin, jajoba, aloe vera, etc.) and these most likely will leave a residue. We all know that proteins bond with proteins and oils will not rinse out. Since the Coat Handler Conditioner is a LEAVE-IN Conditioner, you can have a chemical interaction between the conditioner and the residues. This can cause a negative reaction and cause the coat to "bind up" such as "pelting". Pelting is when the coat sticks together like it is glued together. In reality, it is glued by the chemicals. These mats or pelts cannot be brushed out. Only shampoo can wash them out.

The Coat Handler Conditioner is really going to work at its best when the coat is totally clean and no residues are present.

In order to get the best results for all our products, we recommend using them together rather than mix them with other products.

Q. Why aren't there additives in the shampoos?


Most additives such as proteins, oils, silicones, lanolins, jajoba, aloe vera, keratin, insecticides, humectants, and such will automatically leave a molecule behind that is "bonded" to the hair and skin or possibly trigger an allergic reaction to a small number of individuals. This starts the process of "buildup" or chemical residues. When conditioners that contain oils are then put on the animal, another layer of chemical residues are bonded to the first layer and so on down the line. This process of layering of chemicals on the surface of the skin and hair is ongoing as long as more products with additives are being used.

We also understand that the chemicals of different products that are left on the skin can begin to interact together to create NEW CHEMICALS entirely that are more irritating as they work together.

We also discovered that dandruff is the dying and sluffing off of skin cells that are damaged by this residue almost as though it was chemically burned. When the body is irritated bysomething, the tissue dies and sluffs off and this is seen as "dandruff".

We found that by making a basic cleaning or clarifying type of shampoo that contains "no additives" we could make it MILDER as well as noticing that the previous buildup started coming off. The more the 15 to 1 Shampoo Concentrate is used in the beginning, the better the coat gets and it "plateaus" at about five to six applications.

Q. Why does the dandruff continue after starting to use Coat Handler Products?


It takes 30 days to do a "skin rollover," which is where new skin that is grown under damaged skin works its way to the top and the dead skin is "sluffed off" (as in dandruff). It is only after the dead skin is sluffed off and the new healthy skin works its way up to the surface that the appearance of dandruff will stop.

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