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Winners for Contest Ending October 17th, 2008

Best Show Photo
Winner $25 Gift Certificate

Honorable Mentions
Billy B's Dog Moe


Winner $25 Gift Certificate

Honorable Mentions
Rhino Adi

Staff Favorite
Winner $25 Gift Certificate
snow dogs

Honorable Mentions
Dillion Moose

All entries from contest ending 10-17-08

daisy IMG_4579 Bella Rose Zuri Ana's Dog Finley Jeter Argie Beth J's Dog Puppy Power Carol K's Dog Panda mini Moose Christina's Dog Bryce Maggie Cynthia's Dog YumYum & Koko Dante Nina Gunther Diane's Dog Tricky Mickey Cooper DJ's Dog Cole Tinkerbell Ziggy YumYum Anjolie & Birch Valentine and Tiffanee Hui-wen Lin's Dog Ian's Dog Inka's Dog Paris Beau Jance's Dog Jani's Dog YOGY Fennifer's Dog Jiali Checkers Tootsie Dress Lyric Java Kang's Dog Gus KH's Dog lbrito's Dog LG's Dog Max Holly Keebler Abby Cooper Buddy Marie's Dog Laser Allee Chloe and Sophie Nancy's Dog Nara's Dog Harry Patricia's new puppies Patricia E's puppies Oliver Bumper PM's Dog Richard's Dog Ruby Sandra's Dog Chowder Dior2 Lakie pup Whiz /Bottons Maris Christina's Dog Magnus Dior2  Halloween Reilly Robbie Mac Ranger Emmy  Shane and Girls  Rach and Lionel Dianne’s Dog  scout and dash Lily Elge’s Dog Maggie Heather’s Dog  Beamer & Cricket Abby Bel Dakota Suzie Q Julie’s Dog Chip  Blue Prince2 Blue Prince Borzio Puppies Bella mischeif Emma Linda’s Dog Linda’s Dog BG Looney’s Dog Poco Maggie’s Dog Lzzy Boo Astro & Summer Dorie Ruby Dancer Walker Murray’s Dog Orly’s Dog Orly’s Dog  Maxx Five is a crowd Kristy SB’s Dog no name Romeo Nugget Tiffany Tuffy Bryan no name Blingbee Abbey Jacie Kalea Butters Sedae TAYLOR music Vinny, Lily & Jasper Dixie and Grover bath time Buzz Dixie JuLian no name Kaylie GiGi Pluto & Abby Chloe Levi no name Missy Festus Sugar Bear no name 4th of july baby Sadie Schnitzel and Wonton Elite Robinhood Joachim no name Thunder Phoebe Coco Skipper1 Navidad Emma Duke Joey no name

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