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Entries for current contest ending 11/30/08
max max_1 puppys 8 weeks tuly Heezedoorns One Note Samba Cash sabrina _2 Ace Gideon Mighty Warrior Warren Vernors Jeter CamdenDreamer Flame Flame Satch after a swim Dante Pepino Cash Potter Lilly K litter Dakota Matilda Maxi and Lyric Jax Jack Robin Nova Merlin Claire CH Darcons Dancing Diamond Eyes Shooter Shane Chase CRUELLA_1 Creedence Boomer For You Scary Booh Little Diva From Argentina Gala The Fallow Sweet Dod From Argentina Honey CoCo Tiffany MexInt CH Goldfevers Diamonds Are Forever RN NA NAJ OJP CGC Ariel Rolex Wonder of Love Rocky Sage x Star Pups Ghostmars Candy Rapper Licorice Sky libbylacey neil and rebecca Megano Valiants Main Event Tucker Gus Lyric Vince Bluwaves Speak Of The Devil Raymond Rosie Randy and Simon Dyna Kodiak Suzie Q Sonny Spike Sophie Drew Gin Gin Java Chance Sweet Misty Sue Alfie Laiko Bella Lexi Sava Bogey Audrey and Cooper Kildare Ella Enchanted_3 Miss Holly Golightly skyy spike hagi skyy Gilwood Libo La Gran Calabaza aka Punkin Griffin KevN Lucy Inisfrees Superior Majic Narya Ch Thorntons Dirty Martini Olive Abby Buddy Lassie and her pups Baxter Von Schnauzer Merlin Rosie Dale Cici_1 Caleb chloe Gabriel Greenlee Heidi Jesse James Luke UKC GR CH Prairiedogs Ballroom Dancer RN TeAwas Starry Starry Night chp mellamaltas elroy Sausha Bumper Rumor glitter Jazzy Lena Starbuck Hannah Caseys Isabella for Abbas Glory Alexa Pollyanna TriStar After Dark Bunnie Brodie Brodie_1 Jordan aiden Dakota Rizaires Miss Mary Sunshine Jack moo moose Barwoods GorDon Adrrianna Miby Cary Mia Litter Gaby Barney Kiss Me Katie maggie Olivia Hanz Abby Pluto Abby Pluto Freedy Levi Bleu Cicero Brewster Karat shania Doby Victorias Litter Dickens

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