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Testimonials from our Treasured Customers

Just letting you know that I received my order this afternoon. I LOVE the way the items were packed! So timing my poodle's shampoo is out, Crown Royale is my absolute favorite pet shampoo/conditioner brand, she smells so good and her fur is so soft and manageable. Thank you once again for making sure that my order is shipped right away and thank you for all your quick replies. I am absolutely a repeat customer.

Thank you so much for your quick answers to my emails and to the nice people on the phone. I ordered one day and to my pleasant surprise received my order the next day!! The Show Dog Store has what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE!
Thank you again, Kelly

Kortney - Yes and thank you so much for agreeing to ship a second one!  We absolutely love it!!!

Kortney, I did keep the chrome pair, but appreciate your offer, look forward to getting the Blue Handle ones, and thanks for this follow up email.  It's nice to know that you care about your business :)

Hi kortney, Thank you so very much i cant wait as soon as i know what our customs are doing I'll place another order you have a lovely weekend and thanks for always keeping me informed you give great customer service.
Kindest regards, kerry

Thank you for the clarification and for your good service! The order was received today. I thought the post meant the order had just been shipped yesterday afternoon. I do sincerely appreciate the prompt handling the order actually received. Again, many thanks!

 I just purchase 12 blades from you guy and just wanted to say how happy I am with the quick postage to here in Australia and how happy I am with the blades, I will be shopping with you again in the future.
Thank you, Sandra
Sheri, I just wanted you to know that we did get the dog carrier in time. I didn’t have time to email you before we left.  The carrier worked out great! We usually fly our dog on American Airlines and this carrier does fit under the seat, and American Airlines accepts it. In case anyone asks about this. Since it is a soft sided  carrier, it can be slightly squashed down. Our 22 lb boston terrier rode just fine and it was easy for me to carry it on my shoulder.
Bless You for all Your help! Jan

You sure don't waste time!  What good customer service!

Hi Kim -- Wow that was a fast reply -- Thank you. I see it was delivered yesterday LOL I wasn't at work yesterday :) that explains it. Outstanding! I will be doing more business with you shortly.

My best regards and have a great day, Russ

HI Sheri, I’ve been out of town on business, and returned home to my shipment without seeing your email. Can’t thank you enough for going the extra mile and sending the ready to use. I sent a thank you email this morning to the customer service email. You all are “rock stars”!!!!

Thanks again, I’ve attached the thank you email I sent this morning, to say how much we appreciated your GREAT customer service.

I am very pleased with the fast delivery and especially the individual wrapping of each item. I will shop with you again. (Products are just as advertised, looking forward to using them on my Norfolk Terrier.) Thank you so much.

I received it - Thank You!  You have Always had the fastest delivery of anywhere I have ever ordered from:).  Thank you!


Thanks Kortney.  The $75 gift certificate is very much appreciated.  We have used ShowDogStore gifts for 3 years now and they are well received.  It is a good way to help our fellow exhibitors and initiate some people new to the dog show scene.  Merry Christmas!  Steve

Kortney, Just wanted to say thank you for answering my questions and I really appreciate that you took the time to write such an informative email.  It is great to see someone with "attention to detail".  Thank you again and before I buy I am sure I will have some last minute questions.
Sincerely, CJ

Shipped? I've received it! Thanks for the SUPERFAST service! I love you guys!

Thank you for the quick turn and great service in my recent order.  Will pass your site information to friends!

Love dealing with Show Dog Store; you are so prompt and efficient, and I mean that one…  Makes such a lovely change to deal with people like yourself.  So thank you again…
Take care, Lise

Holy Smokes, are you guys fast!! This is great! I just ordered this yesterday, got this confirmation this morning and UPS just delivered it!! THANKS for the great service!!

To everyone at Show Dog Store, I would like to thank you for your speedy service as I received my blades today (28th August) all in good condition.  I will not hesitate to recommend your company or service, please email me with any new grooming products that may come on the market as I like to keep ahead of the industry in Perth.
Yours truly, Kathryn

Dear Kortney, Thanks a lot for you instruction, your site explains everything quite clearly also. I'll make my order in short.
Thank you and have good business, Alina

Good Morning Kortney!  Thank you for responding so quickly to my request and I appreciate your recommendations..  I hope to place an order as soon as possible!  Thanks again for replying so quickly; I'm looking forward to making a purchase and easier grooming time with my dogs!

I love your site and what you represent.....Dogs Rule.....even though my cats think they do...LOL

Wow, thanks, I received it already!  Great service!

Kortney - Yes it is.  And thank you for your excellent customer service!  I have never had an online store be so responsive!  You sure beat PetSmart. I have shared your service and site information with a co-worker of mine who also has cocker spaniels!

Hi, Thank large for excellent service! The dispatching has come much earlier, than we expected! The goods very much have liked!
Necessarily we shall order still!

Thanks for your fast answer....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are the best!!!
Cheers, Roberto
Thank you SO much! You are awesome...  Kiki appreciates it & will visit Show Dog Store again soon-

Thank you for checking  on this for me and the phone call , I think I ordered from a excalibor or something like that the last time , but sure did like your attention to helping me on the matter, very much-- and will order with you.
Thanks again - Elizabeth

 I will definitely be ordering from you this weekend because of your concern for customer satisfaction and the 10% providing a competitive price.  Have a great day.

You guys are great and I appreciate your quick response time!!!
Thank you, Michelle

Thank you so much Sheri, it was a pleasure to do business with you, and I look forward to doing business with you concerning future reorders, Marissa

Got package on Sat. 3/7!! Very fast delivery. Love the products. It took me over 2 hours to rake and brush her out and then bathe.  Seemed like half her hair came out, but she looks so much better and acts grateful.  So am I.  Got your website bookmarked.
Thanks again, Shana

Hi SheriYou won't believe it, but I just received my order this morning!!  I am thrilled and cannot wait to give the product a try on my gorgeous little Malteze puppy.  Thanks for your wonderful service, I really appreciate it.
Kind regards, Stephanie :)
Thank you so much for your wonderful attention to my problem with the order......Your representative was more than helpful.......terrific service..... Again,  Thank you.

WOW. Now THAT'S what I call service!! Thanks so much for going above and beyond to make up for this little snafu. Most certainly you will continue to get my business...mostly because of your great customer service attitude.  Thanks again, Jackie
Thanks so much for all of your help!  I emailed you a couple of weeks ago asking you what I needed for my Cavalier puppy and you were so helpful!!  I am looking forward to getting all of the items and making her beautiful.
Thanks! Holly
got the bags today - thank you so much for your help with all of that.  you have been awesome!
thanks again, Carrie
Thanks for your prompt response to my call.  I look forward to receiving this shipment and will continue to look to Show Dog for my dog needs!
Thank you so much for all the useful information.  I'm doing okay thus far but as you said, it's almost a daily task.  My daughter loves your products so I am looking forward to perusing the line and making my selections.
Kind regards, Suzanne
Thank you so much for your quick response and prompt shipping.  I will order from you again.
Thank you so much (for the voice mail as well)!  I think we'll be fine with the two you've sent out.  I'm just getting into the conformation ring, and I wanted to try a few different leads.  I have 2 Swiss Mountain dogs, so I'm sure the thicker lead will be fine.  My breeder recommended your site and she was right - you've been great! :)
Thank you,Dana

Thanks for the prompt service, the clippers arrived on Saturday and we used them today. We are very pleased with the Andis clippers.  The clippers were very quiet and worked very well, much better then the Osters we had many years ago.  Peter
Thanks for update..   Called the ranch, and the gallon of shampoo arrived intact.     Thanks to your company  super packing, UPS finding the isolated address, and your thoughtful messages and kindness..............this ordering experience has been one to remember. Now all the Schips can have a wonderful bath with the proper shampoo! Seriously, your  assistance and help was great.  You have not heard the last of me, and as no doubt we will need other products.
Yay!  Thank you.  I am keen to get the Ruff Out for my British Shorthair cat as it was recommended for his coat by a visiting US judge.  I couldn't find it in Australia.
Thank you for your help. I will definitely try the products you have recommended.
I received my order and it's a great brush, Thank you for the prompt delivery,
Many thanks for your kind and super-fast help with this order.
Sincerely, Fran
Thank you for your quick response to my question. I found your website using "google". I have a little white bichon, as a matter a fact I noticed you had one on your website, Well thank you again for your quick response!

Thank you so very much for the unexpected and generous gift.  I'm bowled over!  It was so very kind.  Thank you very much!
Sincerely, Sondra

I received the two other bottles today and I greatly appreciate it.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to buying more products from you.
Thanks for following up on this. The customer service has been fabulous.

THANK YOU........You have made a return customer out of me for sure with your honesty!  Please send any "specials" you may have. I basically use only Chris Christenson on my Cavaliers.

FINALLY, a company who has great customer support !

To tell you the truth I’ve contacted other suppliers before coming across your web site. A few might respond within a week to an email request, but most don’t respond at all, they won’t even reply to a voice mail.  I’ll be letting my dog (and other pet) friends know about your extensive product line(s) and great service… although the shipping costs (YIKES) to Canada may be have a negative factor. Time for your company to open shop in Canada. lol. We’re EXTREMELY pet-oriented up here, especially the west coast, and it’s taken me literally weeks to find a supplier who has what I’m looking for. . . (tell your owners).

Thanks once again Kimberly.

WHAT SERVICE!!!  I received my order the day after I placed it!  I know I don't live that far away, but I still think this is great service.  Thanks so much.
Thank you so much for taking care of my problem and getting the replacement clippers out to me so quickly. My salon employs 10 groomers and I sang your praises and posted your magnet for all to see. It was especially appreciated since we just had an unfortunate customer service problem with [competitors name removed]. I look forward to shopping from your site again.

I received the shipment yesterday.  Absolutely amazing how fast it arrived.  Thank you so much.

I was very impressed with your prompt service. This was the first time I had ordered from your store and am completely satisfied with the items I received and your very fast and accurate service. When I am need of any other products I will place my order with you. Thank you also for the pen you included with my order. I will refer you to my friends.
Jeannine, a satisfied customer.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I appreciate your follow up and excellent customer service!

Dear Kim, Thank you very much for the timely action and great advice on the clippers and blades. You have a wonderful telephone personality!  It was easy to immediately "click" with you and get to the situation at hand.  You seem to be a very kind person. Thanks again.

Hi there, I would like to tell you that I had purchased some show leashes and I am very satisfied with them and my dogs tend to love them. This is the first time I have shopped at showdogstore but then I was really surprised to see how quickly my orders were delivered to me.  Iit took just around 3 days before I received them.........keep up the good work and hoping to do more business with you guys in the future.

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and I am very happy with how smooth the transaction went.  You can be expecting more business from me in the future!  Thank you.  :)

Thanks Larry. Look forward to doing more business with your store. I will go to Amazon and give you a great rating.
Kim T.

Thanks!   I couldn't ask for friendlier, faster, or more satisfying service.

Hi Kimbo, Thank-you so much for the personal attention, I really appreciate it.
Sincerely, Karen

Hi Larry, Just letting you know my leads arrived safely today. Thank you for your excellent service you have made buying internationally a pleasure.
Regards, Leanne.

Thank you Kim.  It has been a real pleasure doing business with you.  I love the internet because of people like you.

Kim. You're the awesomeness. Thank you for the gift certificate. I can honestly tell you that it WILL be used! Your customer service has made me a fan of your store and I will be a repeat customer. Thank you again!

Thank you. I want you to know that the breeder I purchased my pup from informed me of your site and your products. Your website was the easiest and most informative. Your attention to detail, superb! Thank you!

I just received my Crown Royale Conditioner from you and I just wanted to say it was so easy to order from your website and your comunication with me about this order was more than I expected. You showed much concern and your kindness was appreciated. I will be ordering all my dog's and cat's products from you in the future. Thank you again for all you did to make this an easy process.

Wow! We are impressed with your expedited processing and shipping! We ordered this from another vendor and have been waiting five weeks..... Bio Groom Cologne is the best! Thanks again.
Ginger's Mom & Dad

Dear Larry, I was recently a first-time buyer from your company. I wanted to inform you that I was very impressed with the correct and fast service I received and will be glad to send around your website to my vet friends and breeder friends as well. Continued success,

Thanks for letting me know [about the backorder]. We will be fine until the gallon comes. Thanks for offering to send more though. Appreciate your thoughtfulness!!! What a pleasant difference---customer service!

My order arrived yesterday. My compliments on your smooth, fast service and excellent packaging. I look forward to future purchases through your store. Thank you.

Larry, I wanted to take the time to thank you for such outstanding personalized customer service. I look forward to doing more business with you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to call to let me know that the item would be coming priority mail. Personal treatment like this is not often seen. You can be sure I will be ordering from you often.

Hi Larry, Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciate the absorption of shipping charges, I hope it was not too much of a trouble. May I complement your store for excellent service and range of products. does live up to their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy. Once again, thank you. With Best Regards,

Hi Larry, My order was received today. Thank You for the great customer service. I have you bookmarked for the future.

Larry -- Thanks so much!!! We so appreciate you keeping us updated on our order. Your customer service is OUTSTANDING!!!

Hello ShowDogStore, Thank you so much for your kindness and honesty about the shipping costs. I appreciate it very much. Maybe I will need more products for my poodle and I will remember your company. I used to show dogs, Poodles and Poms, and have had trouble finding some of the things I used to use. Like this lead. I was very happy to have found it. Sincerely, Marge

Thank you for the super fast service, items were shipped as speedy as a greyhound!

Working for a GE company, I can say your Customer Support response has been terrific. I'm looking forward to trying the new products.

Hi Larry, My order was received today. Thank You for the great customer service. I have you bookmarked for the future.

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