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Professional equipment: dog brush

Dog BrushPet owners will agree that keeping dogs clean and free of parasites is a continual chore. In order to keep dogs healthy their coat, teeth and nails need to be groomed on a regular basis. For those owners who also show their animal in competitions, proper grooming is especially important. The condition of the dog's coat is a vital part of the scoring system. Therefore if you are interested in showing your champion, it is important to use professional quality dog shampoo and conditioners. In addition to controlling parasites and fleas these shampoos are designed to enhance the natural oils and overall condition and look of the coat. At we carry an extensive line of products from companies such as Bio Groom, Crown Royale, E-Z Groom and #1 All Systems that will maintain your animal's appearance and give them a winning coat. Combine these products with a quality Chris Christensen dog brush and your dog's coat will be not only healthy but gleaming.

Dog shampoo and conditioners

Dog Shampoo And ConditionersJust like their owners, different breeds of show dogs have different types of hair. Some have curly hair, short hair, or long silky hair. Each type of hair requires a different type of brushing style. Sometimes a comb and conditioning spray may be also required in order to groom the animal properly. Finding the correct dog brush for your champion is easy. Simply shop online at and you will find a vast assortment of styles. Choose from our selection of top of the line Chris Christensen brushes. You will also find dog shampoo and conditioners, mink oil and powders that are also designed to give your show dog an added edge in the competition. Shop today for your grooming products and the next blue ribbon will be yours.

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