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Q: What is the quietest dryer you have?
A: Chris Christensen has the quietest dryer called the Kool Dry Dog Dryer and it ahs over 200 options of air flow!

Q: Which slicker brush is best for my miniature Poodle?
A: The Chris Christensen Mark II Slicker Brush is the best for smaller breeds or small areas on larger dogs.

Q: Which grooming table is the best for grooming all different sizes of dogs?
A: We have a Champagne table that is adjustable and great for all size breeds.

Q: Do you have a product that will darken or blacken by dogs nose?
A: Yes, we have a product by Cherry Knoll called Cherry Knoll Black Out. You just apply the two tubes to the nose (in any order).

Q: Where can I email a question to customer support?
A: You can email us using the following form:

Q: How soon after I place my order will it ship?
A: We will ship your order in 24 hours unless the product is on backorder. In that case we will send you an email letting you know this information.

Q: I live in Australia. How do I calculate my shipping rate?
A: After placing all your items in the cart, you will proceed to the second page of the checkout process. Here you will enter you shipping/billing information. Please choose your country first from the drop down menu and proceed to filling out the form. From there you will go to the third page where you have the option of USPS Priority or Express Mail International.

Q: I have staining on my upholstery and carpet from my pets. Do you have a stain remover that works well?
A: We have an excellent stain remover spray called Folex we highly recommend.

Q: Do you have a product that will help my elderly dog not slip on our wood floors?
A: Yes, we have a product called Bio-Groom Show Foot that you spray directly on the pads of their feet to help prevent slippage.

Q: Do you have a grooming DVD that will help me with basic techniques while grooming my dog?
A: Yes, we have a great DVD that will guide you as you clip/trim your dog. It is called the Andis Dog Grooming at Home DVD.

Q: What is the best way to apply dry chalk to my dog’s coat?
A: The best way would be to use the Chris Christensen Powder/Chalk brush.
Q: My dog has extremely dry and sensitive skin. Is there a shampoo and conditioner that won’t irritate her skin?
A: Yes, we have a line of products by Plush Puppy that is all natural and great for dogs will skin allergies or sensitivities.

Q: My dog gets matts that are impossible to brushout. Do you have a product that will help loosen the tangle without damaging the hair?
A: We have a great product called Plush Puppy Seabreeze Oil that will loosen the matt without the damage. All you do is spray this mist on the matt and gently rub between your fingers. This will loosen the matt and give your dog a tangle free coat.

Q: I am looking for the safest and easiest way to cut my dog’s nails.
A: We have a great grinder by Oster that we recommend. It is safe and easy to use.  It is also recommended to have Styptic Powder on hand in case of nail bleeding.

Q: I am looking to set my dogs ears. Do you have products to aid in this?
A: Yes, we have two products that will help. The first is the Cherry Knoll Ear Fix Glue  and the second is the Cherry Knoll Ear Weights
Q: My dog often gets nervous during storms and car rides. Do you have a natural calming aid that will help him relax?
A: Yes, we have a calming aid by NaturVet called Quiet moments. It comes in varies forms; tablets , soft chews , spray, and gel .

Q: Do you have a supplement that will help create and promote healthy skin and hair?
A: We have an excellent product by NaturVet called Ultimate Skin and Coat that will help the hair grow, shine, and keep the skin healthy.

Q: Do you have gift certificates for your store?
A: Yes, we have the option of purchasing gift certificates for your friends/family. Here is the direct link: Just add the gift certificate to your card and proceed through the checkout process.

Q: Do you have any products that I can use on my cat?
A: We have quite a few products that can be used on both canines and felines. Here is the direct link:

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