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Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

Professional Dog Grooming SuppliesAccording to statistics there are over 15,000 sanctioned dog shows a year. This means that every month, thousands of dogs participate in AKC sponsored show dog competitions. In order to maintain such busy schedules owners and groomers need to keep their champion dogs in tip top shape year round. Therefore it is important to have dog show supplies such as leads, collars, and dog brushes on hand at all times. Ordering online from, enables you to keep a stock of supplies readily available as you maintain your busy show schedule. We carry high quality brand name products used by prize winning owners and handlers, at excellent prices. Our personalized service offers easy and efficient ordering and delivery. Shop our site and you will find our selection of professional dog grooming supplies is unsurpassed. We strive to provide you with the latest products and equipment available. Friendly service and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Dog show supplies

Dog Show SuppliesYour pedigree champion was bred for certain traits, skills and physical characteristics which are judged critically in the show ring. There is a written standard for breeds that the judges use to determine standing in a confirmation competition. Many dogs are born with excellent features making it difficult to choose a winner. The competition is fierce. One factor that may enhance your dog's chance of success is how well it is groomed. Using professional dog grooming supplies may give you that extra edge in the competition. Judges examine the coat, teeth, nails and ears carefully and your dog's success depends on achieving a high score in this area. At, we carry only the best grooming aids and products. Name brand shampoos, conditioners, teeth cleaners and nail clippers are available for your selection. Our dog show supplies will enhance your dog's chances of bringing home a ribbon. Order today and see the results for yourself.

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