#1 All Systems Black Forest Large Pin Brush

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Product Overview

The #1 All Systems Black Forest Large Pin Brush delivers exceptional brushing performance backed by German quality. The stained wood is available in Blush, Violet, or Smoking Grey, adding some tasteful color to your grooming arsenal. Each brush features a white pad which allows for a moderately heavy brush with a soft touch. Rounded steel pins offer a durable yet gentle construction coupled with an air hole in the white pad for maximum flex and comfort. This hole is intentional and not a defect in the product. The pad is seated in a large oval head with an extra long contoured and lightweight hardwood handle for maximum comfort.

  • Available in a rosy-tan Blush, dark Violet, or Smoking Grey
  • Lightweight yet sturdy hardwood construction leading to maximum comfort
  • Rounded 27mm steel pins embedded in a flexible white pad
  • Hole in pad for maximum flex and comfort of your pet
  • Made in Germany