#1 All Systems - E3 Vital Energy Canine Vegetarian Formula

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Product Overview

Vital Energy, all vegetarian formula, consists of organic foods, whole foods, herbs & phytonutrient rich vegetables to give your pet: optimum nutrition for increased energy & performance, enhanced calmness, improved hair/coat, better regularity, cellular renewal, tissue regeneration, body repair, improved general well-being, the total supplement for your beloved pet. Add Vital Energy all vegetarion formula each day to your pet's regular food. Easily digested, high fiber, no preservatives or additives, cholesterol, wheat & gluten free. Contains Essential fatty acids & green phytonutrients. Promotes proper bowel movement and cleansing.

Note: The product can be placed in the freezer to extend the shelf life/expiry date for another 12 months. Much in the same way you would if you bought something from the grocery store. The expiration date is a use by or freeze by date. We suggest you take out what you will use for the next couple of weeks place in a food storage container with a tight fitting lid and place the balance in the freezer.. for future use.