Artero Perfumes for Cats and Dogs

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Product Overview

Artero Perfumes are designed to completely eliminate bad odors from your pet. These long-lasting perfumes offer deep vaporizer action for all-day fresh. Use after a bath or between shampoos.

  • Only three ingredients--denatured alcohol, water, and fragrance
  • Smooth, fresh, and long lasting scents
  • One spray will last all day
  • Elegant aluminum spray bottles
  • Deep vaporizer action
  • Completely eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Perfect for after-bath spritzing or between shampoos
  • For best results, lightly spray on dry coat


Baby. Special slightly floral perfume designed just for puppies, especially female pets.
Classic. Smooth, fresh and clean scent. Good for a finishing spritz on male and female pets.
Fresh. Light, citrus-based scent that brings to mind youth and good times.
Impact. Lightly floral, fruity scent that works well on both male and female pets.
Tierra. Soft mix of wood essences, warm vanilla, delicious caramel and musk. Perfect for male pets.
Violet. Fresh, soft scent with vibrant, bright floral tones. Perfect for female pets.