BatherBox Bathing System

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Product Overview

The BatherBox Bathing System allows you to bathe dogs & cats in a fraction of the time of hand bathing. This high quality commercial grade system also saves you money in shampoo & conditioner usage. The Bath Box patented "accu-mixer" accurately mixes the precise amount of shampoo & conditioner to efficiently get the job done.

The system includes

  • "Accu-Mixer" with wall mounting hardware

  • 6' Water Inlet Hose

  • 6' Water Outlet Hose

  • 14' Product inlet hose

  • 4 Gallon caps with holes for inlet hoses

  • Spray Nozzle


  • Cuts Bathing Time in Half

  • Get Pets Cleaner

  • Saves Money with accurate measuring of shampoo while enhancing shampoos ability to cut through oil & dirt

  • Makes Bathing Pets Easier & More Enjoyable

  • Non-Recirculating System assures fresh water & shampoo mixture only on the animals coat

  • 4-Product Select Dial turn dial to select product.

  • Spray Nozzle provides an excellent pattern & pressure for both washing & rinsing pet.

Note: The BatherBox works best with Shampoos and Conditioners that have dilution ratios of 16:1 or less. Do not pre-dilute the products. Do not use highly concentrated products such as 50:1 as they are too thick to work effectively with the BatherBox.