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Looking for a B-Air Dryer? Compare each dryer to find which one is best for you!


B-Air Cage DryersModelVoltage / HP / SpeedAvailable ColorsSafety Marks

GP-1 ETL115V / 1HP / 3 SpeedGreen, Black, TurquoiseC-ETL-US

Vent VP-33
VP-33 ETL115V / 1HP / 2 SpeedGreen, Red, Blue, Hot PinkC-ETL-US

CP-1 ETL115V / 1/4HP / 1 SpeedGreen, Red, Blue
B-Air Force DryerModelVoltage / HP / SpeedAvailable ColorsSafety Marks

Bear Power Dryer I
BPD-1115V / 2HP / 2 SpeedLime Green, Purple Ribbon,
Turquoise, Hot Pink

Bear Power Dryer II
BPD-2115V / 4HP / VariableGreen/BlackC-ETL-US

Bear Pro Series II
BPS-2115V / 8HP / VariableLime Green, Purple Ribbon,
Turquoise, Hot Pink
B-Air Specialty EquipmentModelVoltage / HP / SpeedAvailable ColorsSafety Marks
Big Bear Vortex FanBB-1115V / 3/4HP / 2 SpeedBlackCE

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