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In 1789 the guillotine was introduced as a humane and efficient way of execution. While us at Resco may not agree with these methods…the benefits were obvious! A nice, focused, clean cut that happens nearly instantly! That’s why in 1937 we invented and patented the world’s first guillotine nail clipper.

So why guillotine nail clippers over scissor clippers?

Let me preface by saying that Resco does manufacture scissor nail clippers – we’re not against these tools by any means! Scissor clippers are preferred by many groomers and vets because they were trained on that style. All we want to do is educate on why the guillotine may make more sense for some if the benefits were better communicated.

1.Replaceable cutting blade:

  • One of the most important and valuable benefits of the guillotine nail clipper is a replaceable cutting blade. Gone are the days of having to purchase multiple nail clippers, just replace the blade. Did you know that nail clippers shouldn’t be sharpened? We get this question frequently regarding the scissor-style clippers. The more you sharpen, the less the blades will meet and it will result in the bending of the pet’s nail. Very painful.

2.Better stability and control:

  • Coming from the side of a pet’s nail is not the ideal way. When our hands are tired and we’re trying to put pressure at an awkward angle, the hand tends to shake. This means not getting the cleanest possible cut. With the guillotine, you’re coming at the nail head on. This means your hand is at a comfortable position and the guillotine loop will hold the nail in place for extra stability.

3.Prevent wrist fatigue:

  • By having your hand directly under the nail all the pressure you exert is going straight into the cut. This is why the guillotine slices through like butter. Conversely, the scissor clipper has pressure applied off to the side. While still resulting in a clean cut, this puts more pressure on the wrist. As any groomer will tell you, the less wrist strain, the better!

4.Handmade in the US:

  • The Resco Guillotine Nail Cilpper is the only pet nail clipper that’s manufactured in the United States. Not only are you supporting American laborers by purchasing these clippers, you’re getting the attentiveness and quality that Metro Detroit manufacturers are known for, with a guarantee to back it up.

So, give the guillotine nail clipper a try, you may find that you’re saving money, time, AND hassle with a new-found love for a different style that equals the same great result, or better! 

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