Everyone Deserves a Spa Day

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Products needed for Whitening Spa Bath 

Pure Paws White Magic 

Pure Paws Reconstructing Spray 

Bath Smoothie Recipe

Amplify and Silk Shampoo with just a free drops of White Magic and add to warm water

Face Whitening

Shake Whitening Foam to mix and apply to stained beard 

Conditioning Smoothie Recipe 

Squirt of Amplify and/or Silk Conditioner with warm water. Whist to dissolve and save for after bath. 


Final Rinse

Fill tub with fresh warm water for final rinse

During Drying 

Spray Reconstructing Silk or Oats N Aloe Spray 

Grooming with Pure Paws

Grooming with Pure Paws - from Show Day to everything in-between!Featuring the Boston Terrier Day of Show Routine - Factor Zero Shampoo - Factor Zero Shampoo Formulated to be used on any breed or coat type in conjunction with any other Pure Paws line. Factor Zero shampoo is designed to put you coats at "ZERO", leaving a naturally clean [...]

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Learn How to Ride the Wave

Since a Marcel coat is one of the most important factors in grooming the Kerry blue terrier, I'd like to show you how I prep a coat for grooming.The Kerry coat varies in texture and density from dog to dog, continent to continent, and over the course of a single dog's life. The Kerry Blue Terrier, [...]

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Top 4 Best Dog Clippers for Professional Groomers

At ShowDogStore.com, we believe all dogs deserve to look and feel their best! So which professional dog clipper is the best for accomplishing this goal? We have read the reviews, gathered the facts and listened to the professionals. Here are our findings. We’ve split our findings into two sections. First, The Buying Guide. Before clicking any of the links below, read [...]

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Tips from the Top

Tips from the TopSome of the industry’s most successful professional pet stylists offer five of their personal tricks for better grooming.BY CHRIS PAWLOSKYThe grooming industry is full of gifted, successful professional pet stylists who have seen it all over their long and storied careers. Luckily, the talent of these experienced pros is often rivaled only [...]

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Our Top Dog Dryers

As a shop owner, having a quality dog dryer is a must. You can find gazillions of supposedly the best dog dryers on the market. We are here to help you find not only the BEST but also the RIGHT dryer for your shop. If you are in a hurry, (because your next customer is about [...]

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Pricing Success

Pricing SuccessTo ensure their businesses stay profitable, grooming salon owners and operators must learn how to figure out a fair approach to pricing their services.BY CHRIS PAWLOSKYThe reason many of us got into pet grooming was for the love of animals. We were looking for a job in which we could work with animals and [...]

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The Top 5 Questions You have About Keratins

The Top 5 Questions You Have About Keratins1. What is Keratin?Keratin is a ”highly durable protein that provides structure to several types of living tissues.” Keratin is also a major protein found in mammalian hair and hooves along with nails, horns, fish scales, bid feathers and beaks, and skin.2. Why is Keratin Important?Keratin as an [...]

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Hand Stripping

Join Julie Lalou as she teaches you how to handstrip a pet Border Terrier at home. Julie is the Owner of Dogs Delight Academy and Co-Founder The Grooming Show. She has been grooming since 2000 and teaching how to groom since 2005. She obtained The Higher Diploma in Grooming and is a member of the [...]

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Aging Gracefully

While being a puppy may be the cutest time in your dog’s life, it is his senior years that bring a doting and easeful kind of love that is unlike any other life stage - and some argue, the best. He is extra keen to spend time together and after years of living with you, [...]

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