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I've been making Cooper&ClemBiscotti™ for three years. One of my Bearded Collies, Clem, had earaches way too often. His earaches led to frequent trips to the vet and agonizing pain for him. Then I said, "That's enough!" and I began researching. I read an article in Whole Dog Journal that talked about the health benefits of bee products for dogs with allergies and that raw honey could relieve them of earaches (a sign of an allergic dog). I started working on my recipe at that moment.

I found that Pumpkin is another great food that Clem needed for his intestinal health and practically all dogs can use pumpkin for good health. Pumpkin is great for dogs' vision, immune system, growth and development. It has Potassium, Vitamin C and is an anti-infection and anti-disease advocate. Clem's intestinal system picked up right away!

After seeing the vast improvement in my Bearded Collie boys, I decided to bring the biscotti to all the other precious dogs that could benefit from this fabulous, healthy treat. 

Other health promoting ingredients in the biscotti are coconut oil, farm fresh eggs, crushed egg shell for calcium, whole wheat flour (vitamins B, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin and B6) for a healthy heart and healthy kidneys. There are also anti-cancer spices in the biscotti, including: Turmeric, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Cumin. These spices have wonderful health benefits. 

Cooper&ClemBiscotti™ is not a replacement for a dog's regular food. It is a healthy addition to your dog's daily routine. Without this wonderful blend of health promoting ingredients, Clem would still be sick. 

Clem hasn't had an earache in 3 years since eating my biscotti.

There are no preservatives in Cooper&ClemBiscotti™. The biscotti can be kept on the counter for 1 week, or 2 weeks in the refrigerator, or 6 MONTHS in the freezer. The biscotti should be removed from the freezer bag to thaw and not left in a wet bag. 

Cut Cooper&ClemBiscotti™ into smaller, training-size treats that won't leave a crummy mess in your pocket!

You can even give it to your dog frozen on a hot summer's day. They love it!

Cooper&ClemBiscotti™ is Vet approved.

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This is Clem who I call Clemmy Pie....

Cooper&ClemBiscotti™ has partnered with to bring you made-to-order, real-food treats for real dogs. This recipe of real food is good for your dog's eyes, bones, allergies, and intestinal system.

This is my Cooper.Sweetest Boy ever....

I am excited to introduce my new product Healthy Paws - Paw Wax

While grooming my Bearded Collies, who are the loves of my life, I discovered that their pads weren't looking very well groomed. Out of sight out of mind, I guess, and that's unfortunate since their Paw Pads are highly important. My boys' pads looked somewhat worse for the wear and so I researched paw care and came up with a nice healthy paw wax to protect and nourish their paw pads. It's made with Calendula Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut oil, and pure Bees Wax that I buy from a Bee Farmer. It's so easy to work Healthy Paws - Paw Wax into your routine, just clean the pad, trim the hair and then put the Healthy Paw Wax on -- Takes mere minutes. My boys' pads are looking better and better with each application. I'm happy for the protection they get, protection from road and sidewalk salt in the Winter AND from pesticides and insecticides in the warmer months. 

Give it a try! You'll be happy you took this extra step to make your dog's life a little better. 

Cooper&Clem Healthy Paws™