Geib's Sensational Scissors

May 12th 2021

Geib's Sensational Scissors

Is it time to upgrade your grooming shears? No matter if you need scissors simply to neaten up around your dogs’ feet or if you have a pack of Poodles to sculpt, you can find the perfect shear in our Geib line.

Edward Geib was one of the first shear manufactures to create scissors explicitly designed for dog grooming, and new models are constantly being developed to fulfill specific grooming needs. Geib shears are made in the USA but are recognized for their excellence worldwide.

When choosing a pair of shears, think about how they will fit your hand. If you have small hands, short-shanked shears will probably be the most comfortable for you. Longer shanks tend to be best for larger hands. Next, think about what you are trying to accomplish with your shears. If you will be scissoring a dog all over, look for long blades to cover more territory with each snip. If you are merely trimming up small sections of your breed, you will find shorter scissors much more practical. Most scissors are measured from the tip to the tang (finger rest.)
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Geib Buttercut Gator Shears

Geib Gator Shears
Geib Buttercut Gator Shears

For a “must-have,” solid workhorse type of shear, look at the Gator 88 model. They come in 8.5- or 10-inch sizes, with a straight or curved blade. This style shear is designed with wider blades and serrated edges to grab the hair for a clean, smooth cut. Professionals use this type of scissor to remove a lot of hair fast. Because of the broad blade, they are strong and can power through even thick coats. This type of edge tends to stay sharp for a longer time with proper care.
Geib Buttercut Blue Breeze Shears

Geib Buttercut Blue Breeze Shears
Geib Buttercut Blue Breeze Shears

For fine finish work, choose Japanese-style convex blades, such as the Geib Blue Breeze line. This type of shear provides a lovely, smooth finish, but that razor-sharp edge will not stand up to heavy use. Ideally, you will do your bulk work with a heavier shear, then create the perfect finish using this pricier type of scissor.
Geib Thinning Shears

Geib Buttercut Entree Shears
Geib Buttercut Entree Shears

Thinning Shears- A good, fundamental thinning shear will have 40-46 teeth and a beveled edge. Use this type of shear for the bulk work, then switch to the blue breeze shear for super fine finish thinning work.
Pro Tips for Super Snips
  • To keep your scissors sharper, longer, only use them on clean, dry hair. Never use your good grooming shears to cut paper, cardboard, or ribbon. Hair only!
  • Use scissor oil to clean and lubricate your scissors after each use. Put a drop or two where the blades are joined. Open and close the scissors a few times to distribute the oil, then wipe a soft cloth down the length of each blade to leave a thin coating of oil along the metal
  • Store your scissors carefully. Leather scissor cases are excellent for cushioning and keeping moisture away, but many types of cases are available.
  • Send your scissors back to the manufacturer for sharpening to maintain your warranty. Not all sharpeners are created equally, don’t trust your investment with someone who does not know how to correctly finish the fine edges of your grooming shears.
Geib Buttercut Clipper Blades
Geib Buttercut Clipper Blades are designed to work with any A-5 type clipper and are available in multiple sizes for all types of grooming jobs. These blades are handcrafted in the USA using only the very best in blade technology and materials.
Geib Buttercut Stainless Steel Clipper Blades
Geib Buttercut Stainless Steel
Clipper Blades
Need your shears sharpened?
Geib offers sharpening services and a lifetime guarantee
on all of their shears!