​How to remove tear, saliva and urine stains with bio-enzymes!

Posted by The Pure Paws Family on Feb 1st 2017

​How to remove tear, saliva and urine stains with bio-enzymes!

How to remove tear, saliva and urine stains with bio-enzymes!

What is an enzyme?

According to, enzymes are biological catalysts, or chemicals that speed up the rate of reaction between substances without themselves being consumed in the reaction. As such, they are vital to such bodily functions as digestion, and they make possible processes that normally could not occur.

So, a catalyst is simply anything that speeds up the process of something else. In our bodies enzymes help with all sorts of things like copying out DNA, energy production and extracting nutrients from food through. Pepsin and trypsin are particularly helpful in digesting dietary proteins.

Why do tears, saliva and urine stain?

Commonly stained areas include close to the eyes, also knowing as tear staining, around the mouth and feet from saliva and of course, urine staining.

One possible cause of this staining is from naturally occurring molecules called Porphyrins. Thee molecules contain iron which is a waste products from the breakdown of red blood cells. They are mostly removed from the body in the usual way (in poop). However, in dogs and cats, porphyrin can also be excreted through tears, saliva, and urine.

Another possible reason for staining is the oxidation of proteins left behind from the saliva.

Finally, for urine particularly, uric crystals stay behind once urine has dried. These crystals lead to both staining and odor.

So what can you do to remove these stains?

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How enzymes help to remove stains.

For tear, saliva and urine staining, Biological Enzymes help to speed up the process of breaking down the proteins that cause discoloration and odor. While washing the affected area could remove the staining over time, bio-enzymes help to speed up the process dramatically. They do this by reacting to specific substances, and only those substances – like fitting of a puzzle together.

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What product can you use to remove your pets tear, saliva and urine staining?

At Pure Paws, our Star Line contains our Bio-Enzymatic Pretreatment Spray. This spray has been formulated using a mixture of various enzymes to treat the various stains that are products of tears, saliva, and urine. So if you want a whiter, healthier looking coat, try our Bio-Enzymatic Pretreatment Spray. You’ll love t he results!


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