Part 1: Intro to AKC Breeder, Cathy McGinnis & Poodle Grooming Equipment

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At Ridgewood Standard Poodles, I work to support my poodles.

I do not raise standard poodles to support myself.

My husband and I got married in October of 1980 and purchased our first home in 1981. One week after moving in, Nicky joined our family, starting what has become my love affair with Standard Poodles.

When I first started out in the conformation ring, I learning by observing and reading many books. It provided a valuable learning experience. . .

. . . but my real education began when I was invited to work for a professional handler.

My kennel name is Ridgewood, but I do not own a kennel. It is just the name prefix for the dogs that I breed. My dogs are all members of my home and family, and breeding is strictly secondary to their health and well being.

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Here is my opinion on what basic equipment is necessary to start grooming your poodle yourself.


Good clippers - AndisOsterWahl are the main choices.

Blade wash, spray disinfectantlubricating oil, old toothbrushes to sweep the hair out of the blades and a can of compressed air.

blade wash, spray disinfectant, clipper/blade oil, canned air Recommendation:

Andis - Blade Care Plus (7-in-1) Spray

Andis - Blade Care Plus (7-in-1) Dip Jar

coolant, deodorizer, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventive, decontaminant and source of Vitamin E

Several clipper blades in varying sizes - a #10 blade or #15 blade for the face, feet & tail if you are new to clipper work, OR if you have a dog with very sensitive skin that might clipper burn easily. A #3F blade#4F blade#5F blade or #7F blade for the body, depending upon what length you prefer.

small container for holding blade wash, everyday blade caddy to hold blades as I work, larger case to hold blades back from service or going out to be serviced Recommendations:

9 blade folding sleeve

12 blade hard case solid black, flat

12 blade hard case chrome, stand up

12 blade hard case pink, stand up

blade, clipper, and accessories case


Firm, stable working surface - if not a grooming table, a board with a non-skid bathmat securely fastened to the top of a crate will work also. Recommendations:

Champagne - Large Grooming Table - Short

Champagne - 48" Folding Grooming Arm

13" Grooming Noose


Some sort of dryer - a stand dryer is the best, but the most expensive. There are clamps that work as a "third hand", that can hold the blow-dryer as you brush your dog dry. Recommendations:

Double K - ChallengAir 9000II Stand Dryer With Hose & Nozzle Kit $644.95


Double K - ChallengAir 2000XL Variable Speed Dryer $258.45 


18 " Dryer Holder


Pin brushes are used for LONG hair - not necessary on shorter trims Recommendation:

Chris Christensen - Fusion Pin Brush, 27mm Pins

Slicker brushes - two types are useful:

The curved "Universal" style slicker which is good for thick, heavy or slightly matted coats but rough on the skin. Recommendation:

Chris Christensen - MarkVII Curved Back Slicker Brush, Large

Softer Slicker such as "Ever Gentle", "Warner's", "DoggyMan", etc. These are used for general brushing Recommendation:

Oscar Frank - Grand Deluxe Soft Slicker Brush

Greyhound style comb Recommendation:

Chris Christensen - Poodle Comb #017

Chris Christensen - Face Comb #006

Pin brushes, slicker brushes & combs

Canine shampoo and conditioner

left: EZ-Groom - Crystal White#1 All Systems - Super Cleaning Shampoo

Far right: #1 All Systems - Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner


Nail trimmers and Kwik Stop Nail (for the nail that is cut too short and bleeds) Recommendation:

Andis - 2-Speed Nail Grinder

Ear cleaners and ear powder and hemostats for pulling the hair if you choose to go this route to maintaining ears.

Gimborn - Ear Care Step 1

Gimborn - Ear Care Step 2

Gimborn - Ear Care Step 3

Dubl Duck - Ear & Nose Scissor

Millers Forge - Hemostat/Hair Puller

Scissors - minimum 8" straight when working on a Standard (I prefer 10" straight shear and curved)

Conditioning spray to use when brushing long coats

#1 All SystemsCrown Royale - Magic Touch Formula #3 Concentrate or Ready-to-UseSpray Bottle

OPTIONAL - rubber bands and plastic wrap. It is not necessary to buy expensive color coordinated rubber bands and wraps. You can go to the local beauty supply shop and pick up a bag of 500 bands for under $2.00, and you can use cheap sandwich baggies (twist tie type) to use as wraps. It is also handy to have smaller bands on hand Recommendations:

Fancy Finishes

Cathy McGinnis

AKC Breeder

Exceptional Standard Poodles for Show, Performance and Companionship since 1981

Breeding for Quality not Quantity

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