Pure Paws Grooming Yorkshire Terrier


Check out the Grooming Routines below that are specialized for coat need, age, and occasion. 

ShowDay Grooming Routine 

For Younger Dogs and Dogs that Need More Silk in Coat

Factor 0 Shampoo (Dilute 8-1) 

Silk Basics Shampoo (Dilute 8-1)

Silk Basics Conditioner (Dilute 8-1)

- Black Magic or Golden Magic (To enhance colors if needed) 

- Volumizing Foam - Amplify Mousse or Golden Magic Foam ( For top-knot and face areas to add more volume)

- Finishing Spray (for ironing coat and use before ring) 

ShowDay Grooming Routine 

For Adult Dogs with Excellent Silk Coats 

Factor 0 Shampoo(Dilute 8-1)

Reconstructing Shampoo(Dilute 8-1) 

Reconstructing Conditioner (Dilute8-1)

- Black Magic and Golden Magic (To enhance colors if needed) 

Finishing Spray (for ironing coat and use before ring) 

Daily Bath for Regular Maintenance 

for coats that just need the basics back in the coat that is lost throughout the days

Factor 0 Shampoo (Dilute 8-1) 

Reconstructing Shampoo (Dilute 8-1) 

- Reconstructing Conditioner (Dilute8-1)

Reconstructing Spray

Silk Basics Serum (for wrapping)

Silk Basics Protector Spray 

Puppies, Senior Dogs, Dogs with Skin Problems 

Oats N Aloe Shampoo (Dilute 8-1) 

Oats N Aloe Conditioner (Dilute 8-1)  

Oats N Aloe Spray

Maintenance Grooming Routine 

for hydrating dry coats

 - Factor 0 Shampoo (Dilute 8-1) 

 - H20 Shampoo (Dilute 8-1)

 - H20 Conditioner (Dilute 8-1) 

 - Silk Basics Protector Spray (for brushing out wraps)

 - Silk Basics Serum (for wrapping) 

 - Silk Basics Spray (for rewrapping and brushing out wraps)  

Maintenance Grooming Routine

For Damaged Coat or Help with Breakage

 - Factor 0 Shampoo (Dilute 8-1) 

 - Forte Shampoo (Dilute 8-1) 

 - Forte Conditioner (Dilute 8-1)

 - Forte Spray (only apply after bathing to a damp coat)

 - Silk Basic Protector Spray (for rewrapping and brushing out wraps)