Why Professionals Choose Coat Handler

Posted by Daryl Conner on Mar 26th 2021

Why Professionals Choose Coat Handler

There are so many brands and types of shampoo and conditioner to choose from, it can be hard to know which to buy. Coat Handler products have been a mainstay for many professional groomers and show dog enthusiasts for years. They are known for offering a small, specific product line that is both affordable and effective. I talked to some long-time users of this product to find out why they enjoy using Coat Handler shampoo and conditioner.

Nationally Certified Master Groomer AnnMarie Saunier told me she is a big fan of Coat Hander products. "The 15:1 shampoo is really great for deshedding. I also use it on my show poodles for weekly maintenance baths. Even through coat change, they do not mat. I also use the conditioner. It is a time-tested product. I use the anti-stat for scissoring if static is a problem.” She went on to say that Coat Handler has a small line of products, “Probably because what they do have works so well for any coat type.”

Liz Sines, also a Certified Master Groomer, had this to say, “We love the combination of Coat Handler Clarify with their Odor Handler power additive for efficiently cleaning the most greasy and grimy dogs. It cleans deeply without making the coat feel overly stripped or fried. Of course, we follow up by using Coat Handler conditioner. It does an amazing job of moisturizing the skin and re-sealing the hair follicles, leaving a shiny finish that is easy to brush through without over softening the coat. In addition to that, currently using it in a seven-groomer shop, and previously for over ten years in my individual business, I have yet to have a client complain about it leaving any offensive scent, causing irritation, or itching. I consider Coat Handler to be a very trustworthy, basic product. I would hate to live without it."

Skin works cream was developed to soothe any irritations found on a dog’s skin during the grooming process, such as raw areas found under matting, tender paw pads, and brush or clipper irritations. It not only works on pets, but groomers are also known to apply it to their own hands and arms to combat dryness or take the sting out from scratches from sharp claws.

Odor Handler powder earns its keep by providing a non-toxic method of removing tough odors, even skunk scent, from pets. This product can also be added to the mop bucket to enhance your regular sanitizing product's odor control and in the washing machine to keep grooming towels smelling fresh.

Coat Handler offers dependable and expert-approved products that have earned an excellent reputation for delivering what they promise, practical solutions to specific pet care problems, at a reasonable price.