Cherry Knoll - Coat Dressing, Aerosol, 13 oz.

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Product Overview

Cherry Knoll Coat Dressing is used by show dog exhibitors, handlers and groomers to prevent hair breakage while frequently grooming dogs for shows.  It adds body and holds the groom. Excellent for all coated breeds. Lets combs and brushes pass through easily. Eliminates tangles and mats. Gives coat lustrous sheen. Contains no lacquer to gum-up a coat or alcohol to dry out a coat. No oily feel. Leaves coat manageable for fluffing and grooming. It will make the coat stand out and look more dense without stiffness - just good body that looks and feels very natural when used on all colors and types of coat. Removes dulling film, surface dirt, and odors. A dressing with a clean fragrance. The most popular Coat Dressing in use today. Comes in aerosol form.