Chris Christensen Amazing Stand N Groom

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Product Overview

The Stand and Groom by Chris Christensen is placed under the dog's belly to keep them standing, still, comfortable, and calm while you groom them, clip their nails and clean their ears.  The Stand and Groom makes grooming dogs a breeze. Do you have an unruly dog that won't stay on the grooming table no matter what you do? Put them on a Stand and Groom and they will be much more manageable. The Stand N Groom comes in 4 different sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large.  Has a durable plexy glass base.
  • Place under Dog's belly,
  • Prevents dog from sitting,
  • Keeps dog from from moving around,
  • Makes grooming your dog a breeze,
  • Comes in 4 different sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Large.


  • MINI 5.5" 
  • SMALL 7"
  • MEDIUM 8.5"
  • LARGE 10"