Chris Christensen Brush Cleaning Kit

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Product Overview

The Chris Christensen Brush Cleaning kit gives you everything that you need to keep your brushes clean and in great condition. An absolute must for everyone who owns a brush!

  • Removes buildup of oils, debris, hair and styling product

  • Protects the rubber and other materials of the brush

  • Cleans the brush properly

  • Extends the life of your brushes

Kit Includes:

Brush Cleaner. Beautifully crafted in solid beechwood with 1-3/4" nylon bristles. The oval shape makes for a firm grip and ease-of-use.

OC Magic Foam (1.7 oz). Chris Christensen OC Magic Foam is a self rinse, optical clarifier that breaks down and removes hair spray with no residue!

How to Use Your Kit

Step 1 – Use the Cleaning Brush (dry) to remove the hair from your grooming brush.

Step 2 – Put a ¼ round dollop of OC Magic Foam in the middle of the Cleaning Brush.

Step 3 – Work the OC Magic Foam into and around the pad of your grooming brush until most of the foam disappears

Step 4 – Wipe off the excess foam from your grooming brush with a cloth and give it a few minutes to dry.