Chris Christensen 00R 5" Coarse/Fine In-the-Ring Shorty Buttercomb

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Product Overview


  • 5" long
  • Coarse/Fine Teeth spacing
  • 7/8" long teeth


The Chris Christensen In The Ring Shorty Buttercomb has Coarse/Fine teeth, 5" long spine, 7/8" teeth length, teeth spaced 8 per inch, other half 11 per inch. It is the perfect comb to have handy in the ring to make those last second touch ups.

Handcrafted to the smallest detail, each Buttercomb has a flat spine and rounded core top, allowing it to glide through the coat flawlessly. Stainless steel teeth are solidly embedded in a solid brass core creating an ultra-strong, long lasting tool that is more comfortable to use. The unique design of the Buttercomb is seamless & smooth so it won't catch hair and is comfortable to use.

Suggested Use

Use at the show in the show ring to make last second touch ups. The 5" length will fit perfectly in your pocket.