Chris Christensen Puppy Bag Deal

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Product Overview

The Chris Christensen Puppy Bag Deal includes three products guaranteed to help you keep your puppy clean and smelling fresh.

Included in this deal are

  • One 16-ounce bottle of Happy Eyes Shampoo

  • One 16-ounce bottle of Self-Rinse Plus Shampoo

  • FREE 32-ounce bottle of Gotcha! Odor Eliminator

Chris Christensen Happy Eyes shampoo gently cleans the coats without irritating your puppy's sensitive eyes. This soap-free formula is hypo-allergenic, and free of paraben and sulfate. Perfect for your pup's first bath!

Chris Christensen Self-Rinse Plus is a “no rinse” shampoo that is ready-to-use for quick clean-ups, and when running water is unavailable. Safe for all color coats, this brightener is great for those "little" messes that puppies often get into.

Included in this amazing deal is a FREE 32-ounce bottle of Chris Christensen Gotcha! Odor Exploder. This all-natural, food-grade, non-toxic odor eliminator is 100% composed of plant enzymes, purified water, and essential oils. Spray directly on your puppy, even around food and babies!