Chris Christensen Spectrum Five Kit

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Product Overview

The Chris Christensen Spectrum Five Kit is designed for the needs of smooth coated breeds. This kit features several Chris Christensen products meant to work together to leave your pet's coat moisturized and healthy.

Spectrum Five Shampoo, 4oz. Designed for smooth coat breeds with dry, itchy, rough skin and minor skin irritations. Spectrum Five contains gentle, super mild ingredients that remove dirt while treating the skin with a mix of soothing and moisturizing agents.

Chris Christensen Spectrum Five Conditioner, 4oz. Light and nourishing, infused with allantoin and broccoli seed oil. Protects the skin and coat while providing gentle and effective conditioning.

Chris Christensen Show Off No Rinse Shampoo, 2oz. Renews color clarity, diminishes soiled spots on all coat colors, and creates a radiant glow in just minutes. The perfect solution when you have limited time to prepare for the show ring or when your pet cannot be bathed for other reasons. Great on a daily basis to clean dirty feet or faces. All coat colors become brighter while making the whitest white possible without bleaching agents.

Gotcha! Odor Exploder, 2oz. A natural but powerful odor eliminator that works by breaking down odor molecules on contact. All-natural, non-toxic, food grade odor eliminator. One hundred percent composed of plant enzymes, purified water, and essential oils. Completely safe to spray on your dog, cat, puppy or kitten, around food and even babies!