Chris Christensen Thick-N-Thicker Texturizing Bodifier

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Product Overview

Chris Christensen Systems Thick N Thickers' dog texturizing and bodifier spray immediately builds body, volume and lift, texturizing from the inside and out to change the diameter of the hair. Gives volume and body from roots to ends. The aerosol delivery system gives you the ultimate control with a continuous even spray pattern. Delivering a ultra fine mist for even distribution with zero weight cutting your grooming time in half.

This crystal clear Bodifying Spray allows the natural glow of the coat to shine through...brilliantly! Ideal working spray, dries quickly, yet manageable and moldable giving you the ability to straighten unwanted waves. Easy to style and re-style without flakiness or build-up, contains no lacquers and washes out easily with first shampoo. Flexible and non-tacky, leaves coat touchable with a natural feel and look.

Thick N Thickers' formula features 21 essential vitamins and amino acids including natural Copolymer, Pathenal and Lanolin. The advantage of Thick N Thicker Texturizing Bodifier is that it intensifies color and shine, giving the coat a moisture balance with no flaking. The benefit of Thick N Thicker is that it will leave the coat with a natural feel, natural look, high sheen, supple texture and more lift and volume than you have ever had.

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