Coat Handler Undercoat Control Conditioner

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Product Overview

Coat Handler™ Undercoat Conditioner contains special fatty acids and vitamins to combat shedding by adding strength to the root of hair follicles, controlling hair loss.

  • Almond fragrance
  • Made in the USA
  • Dilutes 16:1

For best results, start the job with Coat Handler Undercoat Control Shampoo (ZX528).

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Additional Information


Quaternium Conditioner, Coconut Oil Fatty Acid, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extract, Benzoin Tree Gum Preservative, Water, Color, Almond Fragrance


Wet down pet thoroughly. Squeeze a small amount of conditioner into your palm and start massaging into the skin and coat. Avoid contact with eyes. Allow conditioner to remain on the pet for a few minutes for best results. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. This conditioner may be used full strength or dilute with 16 parts water. Safe for frequent, external use on pets 8 weeks of age and older. Will not wash off flea and tick topical products if used per manufacturer's directions.

Caring Caution

Keep out of reach of children and pets to prevent unintended consumption.