Dubl Duck 46-tooth 7.5 Inch Thinning Shear

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Product Overview

Dubl Duck shears have long been considered the quality standard in grooming. Ice-tempered carbon steel blades stay sharp longer. This Dubl Duck Ultra Gold 46-Tooth Thinning Shear is designed to shorten, sculpt, and blend for a more natural look

  • Premium German Dubl Duck Ultra Gold 46-Tooth Thinning Shears are ice-tempered for sharpness and long life.
  • Features non-glare finish with gold handles and adjustable screws
  • Includes deluxe silencer for smooth operation
  • Each pair has a removable finger rest

46-Tooth Thinner is designed for "sculpting." These Dubl Duck shears will shorten and blend hair for a natural look, instead of actually thinning. Shears measure 6 1/2". Includes a leather holster with clip.