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Available Fragrances:

Vanilla Mist. A popular scent with a bit of sugar, our Vanilla Mist delivers a light gentle fragrance with a sweet vanilla bean scent. It contains real vanilla bean oil.

Holly Berry Apple and Cinnamon. Holly Berry brings wisps of a warm apple pie with a touch of cinnamon and spices.

Honey Lavender. A sweet floral with notes of spice that dries out to the bold scent of jasmine and cinnamon.

Powder Soft. A light gentle fragrance with fresh baby-powder scent.

Pearl. A clear distinctive floral fragrance reflecting the scents of blooms of Lily of the valley, Hyacinths, and Freesia.

Tropical Jubilee. A lovely blend of coconut and citrus with a hidden note of vanilla. Refreshing and light like a tropical breeze through your salon.

Silky Almond. Cherry Almond fragrance fills the air in a complex yet natural blend of soft, fresh aroma therapy. One of our top selling colognes. Silky Almond Shampoo and Silky Almond Conditioner users really enjoy being able to spritz the animal after the groom.

Sugar Plum. An earthy, natural full plum fragrance with a hint of sugar.

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Distilled Water, Natural Fragrance, Emulsifier, Preservative


Use EZ-Groom's shampoo and conditioner for the best and most effective removal of any offensive odor from the coat. After the pet is thoroughly groomed and dry, spray EZ-Groom's colognes directly on the coat and allow to dry naturally