E-Z Groom E-Z Clean Rinseless Foaming Shampoo Ready to Use

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Product Overview

Made with our latest all natural compounds OXYGONE and Opti Brite SRW. No Rinsing, no residue, light fine fragrance. This product includes an optical brightener and is designed to be compatible with Crystal White, Crystal Black and Crystal Gold Shampoos. The product is formulated to work well with Crystal Brite Condition. Perfect for the salon, pet shows, or traveling. Excellent for use on cats.

  • Uses our advanced Oxy-Gone for On-the-Go and On-the-Road
  • Dispenses as a foam
  • No water is needed, just wipe off
  • Excellent for quick touch-ups before a customer comes in for their dog or before going into the show ring
  • This proprietary formulation uses the same optical brighteners that our world famous Crystal White Shampoo uses