E-Z Groom - Filthy Beast Detangle and D-Mat Conditioner 16oz

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E-Z Groom Filthy Beast Detangle and De-mat conditioner will amaze you on how well it takes on really dirty, tangled and matted coats. Concentrated, dilute up to 8:1. Available in 16 oz and Gallons. Also, check out the Filthy Beast Shampoo!


Rich emollients, nourishing botanicals and silk proteins add fullness and texture to the coat by allowing each hair follicle and shaft to absorb and retain super moisturizers. This conditioning treatment seals each hair shaft and repairs split ends, helping to reduce hair breakage. Special polymers hep to leave the coat tangle and static free, thereby significantly improving combing. This treatment remains locked in each hair shaft maintaining the coat in top condition, keeping it easy to comb in between baths. Keep out of eyes.