E-Z Groom Filthy Beast Pet Lovers Shampoo 16oz Ready to Use

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  • Detangles: Contracts/closes the cuticle to enable better comb thru and brush-out.
  • Dematts: Blow out tangles and mats with High Velocity Dryer. Less shave downs. Many mats can be released and combed out
  • Desheds: Get better access to the under coat to allow natural deshedding with comb thru.
  • Elegant Cleaners: Elegant cleansing agents produce a tearless and hypoallergenic shampoo that is mild to the skin yet results in superior cleaning.


This 16 oz Filthy Beast Shampoo is fully diluted and ready to use.

Directions: Wet coat. Apply shampoo to the coat, work the lather thoroughly through the coat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat process if necessary.