Groomers Helper Upgrade Set with Universal Clamps

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Product Overview

NOTE: You must have a Starter Set first for the Upgrade to work correctly. Otherwise you will need to order the Professional Set.

The Groomers Helper Upgrade Set With Universal Table Clamps will allow you to expand your Groomers Helper Starter Kit and put a stop to struggling pets and allow you to groom hands-free! Stop the biters! No more head-droppers and no more spinners! This tool significantly reduces injuries to both pets and groomers. Groom quicker, groom safer with less stress, stop the biters, and you can do more dogs every day!

  • One Groomer's Helper Stainless Steel Clamp
  • One Groomer's Helper Safety Loop
  • Two 3/4" Side Arms for both "No Sit" and "Tri-Tie" functions*
  • Two 3/4" Single Bolt Universal Table Clamps that fit grooming tables up to 3-1/4" thick**
  • Comprehensive Training Video that covers how to utilize the Professional Set

* When both Starters are not being used for the “No-Sit” or “Tri-Tie” configurations, the two included Groomers Helper Clamps may be used on separate tables.

**This clamp is designed for use with a non-standard grooming table ONLY and should not be used on a standard table top. If you are using a standard table, consider buying the Groomer's Helper Pro Set With Standard Clamps.

NOTE: Groomers Helper® Upgrade Sets do not include grooming table, grooming arm or the main arm clamp.