Hydra Soft Touch Spray 16.9oz

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The Hydra Soft Touch Spray is perfectly crafted to moisturize and hydrate your pet's coat along with cauterization (sealing cracks and faults) of the individual strands of hair, removing frizz and repairing dry and damaged coats. Also promotes intense softness and shine. Recommended for pets older than 16 weeks. Apply evenly to damp coat before beginning the drying process.

Active Ingredients: Vegetable Keratin (intensely hydrates the coat), Panthenol (nourishes and fortifies the skin and coat), and Latic Acid (Re-seals the cuticle, removing frizz and promoting healthy coat growth)

Additional Information


Water, Glycerin, Vegetable Keratin, Preservatives, Panthenol, Fragrance, and Lactic Acid


Topical use. Bathe the pet normally and wipe off excess water with a towel and begin drying with the blower. While the coat is still slightly damp, evenly apply the Hydra Soft Touch across the entire coat and finish drying with the dryer.


Avoid ingestion and direct contact with eyes. Recommended for pets older than 16 weeks. Store away from food and direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. In case of irritation, wash the area thoroughly with water and discontinue use immediately.