Jelly Pet Slip/Choker Style Grooming Loop

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Product Overview

Jelly Pet Grooming Choker/Slip Loops are waterproof and mold resistant. Made with BioThane, a coating that makes the loop durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. No need to to worry about mold build-up! Designed for use when grooming, bathing, and drying anxious or "fidgety" dogs.

  • Safely and securely holds the dog's head or haunches on the grooming table, or in the tub
  • Use during grooming, bathing and drying
  • Flexible slide is easy to adjust and release by sliding to fit small, medium, and large dogs comfortably
  • Helps prevent the dog from backing out of the noose
  • Won't tighten or loosen even on the most restless of animals
  • Comfortably helps to keep overly excitable pets from excessive moving
  • Works with the Groomers Helper table attachment and most table/tub arms
  • Professionally tested and approved by the top dog groomers, veterinarians, handlers, and breeders
  • Made with high-quality BioThane material which is stronger than leather
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • No need to continually wipe down loop or lead between bathing and drying
  • Manufactured in Ohio, assembled in Wisconsin