Mars - Coat King: Double Wide

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Product Overview

Almost twice the width of the original, for faster body work and larger breeds.
Blade width +/- 2-3/4", Overall length with handle +/- 7-1/2".


Mars Coat-King

Coat-Kings work well with all different kinds of breeds and coats.


Place tool on coat with light pressure and comb out in the direction of hair growth. Note: going against or aside hair growth will cause excessive cutting of hair. Only use once a week or every other week. (Too much use could result in a bald pet!)


Quick Guide:
  • Coarse & Medium styles (6 - 12 blades) for prep work and thinning out undercoat
  • Fine styles (16 - 20 blades) for grooming soft, heavy coats
  • Super Fine styles (20 - 26 blades) for finishing and thick, shaggy coats (especially spaniels, setters, etc.)

Use coarse styles to comb out the undercoat - fine styles for finishing. 

By Breed:

Some breed clubs recommend certain sizes that seem to work best for their breed. Here are a few:


Afgans: 20 - 26 blades
Boxers: 16 - 20 blades
Collies: 10 - 12 blades or 18 Double Wide
Golden Retrievers: 12 blades or 18 Double Wide
Giant Schnauzers: 20 blades
Schnauzers: 10 - 12 blades
Setters: 16 - 26 blades or 30 Double-Wide

Sheepdogs: 6 - 10 blades
Shepherds: 10 - 12 blades
Spaniels: 20-26 blades, upper body 8 blades, legs & skirt
Terriers: 10 - 20 blades (depending on thickness or coarseness of coat)
Wolfhounds: 10 - 12 blades or 18 Double Wide



Cats:    12 - 26 blades
Horses: Triple-Wide, Coarse or Fine


Goats:    Double-Wide, Fine
Rabbits: 20 - 26 blades

No rule is set in stone. If you find something that works for you, great! Many people are finding new ways to use them for different breeds. If you find a new or better use for your Coat-King, let us know and we'll add it to the list.


Remove excess hair by hand. Clean with a soft brush. Mild cleaner may be used.