Mascoti Cow Ear Bully Stick

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Product Overview

For a long-lasting chew, try the Mascoti Cow Ear Bullystick. It starts with a 6" or 12" odor-free Mascoti Bullystick, cooked to perfection in high-heat brick ovens for optimum texture and taste. And wrapped around the bullystick is a Quickies Cow Ear Roll, made from one entire cow ear and chewy, long lasting, and full of collagen. As your dog ages they should consume natural sources of collagen to help with the structural integrity of their tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, bones, and blood vessels.

  • 100% Grass fed beef from family owned cattle ranches
  • An excellent, natural alternative to chemically processed rawhide
  • Extra chewy and long-lasting
  • Natural source of collagen
  • Chemical-Free, Preservative-Free and Additive-Free
  • Product of the Dominican Republic

NOTE: Supervise your pet when feeding this item, and always have plenty of water on hand. Once the chew becomes moist from your dog's saliva, odor or color transfer to fabrics or rugs in your home may occur.