Mascoti Natural Beef Bully Sticks

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Product Overview

Mascoti Bully Sticks are made in the Dominican Republic from free range and grass fed bulls.

  • Mascoti Bullysticks are heated at 194° for 12 hours - the longer cooking time creates a better cooked product so the core of the bully stick is not raw, thus a much longer lasting chew

  • Mascoti does not use chemicals or preservatives - the light colors of these bully sticks are solely produced from cooking in terracotta brick ovens

  • Cleaning the outside and inside of Mascoti Bullysticks is what makes them better than others - high pressure water injectors are used to thoroughly flush out toxins 3 times per each raw bully stick which makes them odor free

  • Mascoti only uses white vinegar during the making to create a high acid environment so bacteria cannot survive - longer cooking time also kills more bacteria inside of the canals of the bully sticks