Plush Puppy Natural All-Purpose Shampoo with Henna

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Product Overview

Plush Puppy Natural All-Purpose Shampoo with Henna is perfect for when shine is required in your dog's coat, but coat texture must be maintained. Although best used as an all purpose shampoo with healthy textured coats, this shampoo can be used to nourish slightly dehydrated coats. 

  • Derived from organic sources with extracts of henna, alpine herbs, and lichen
  • Recommended for:
    • Breeds where coat texture is to be retained e.g. Akitas, Siberians, Shelties etc.
    • Short coated breeds that specifically don't want a softened coat e.g. Weimeraners, Bulldogs, Rottweilers and most Terriers
    • Dogs with most skin problems
  • Minimal effect on coat texture, just cleans impurities
  • Imparts gloss and shine using henna stalk extracts on all colors & coat types
  • Made in Australia

Additional Information


To use Plush Puppy Natural All Purpose Shampoo, wet coat thoroughly, apply to whole dog or areas and massage until it lathers and then rinse thoroughly. May apply undiluted to areas requiring intensive cleaning such as the feet, legs, face, and underbelly.


1:5 (1 part shampoo to 5 parts water) – general
1:10 (1 part shampoo to 10 parts water) – maintenance