Plush Puppy - Swishy Coat, Coat Manager, 8 oz (225 g)

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Product Overview

Innovative product particularly for flowing coated breeds e.g. Afghans, Maltese, American Cocker Spaniels etc where the coat is expected to hang in a smooth, swinging, swishy action in motion and fall smoothly back into place on the stack.
Excellent for helping to relax & straightening wavy coats.
Swishy coat can be used to soften any coat, reduce volume in the coat, reduce static electricity, help flatten a coat or make a coat appear more silky. Swishy coat is strictly a cosmetic preparation.
For fabulous results mix with water and saturate the coat in the area/s required. Comb or handwork through from roots to ends. Blow dry as normal. Break down depends on coat type, for instance a Maltese uses a tablespoon to 1 gallon of water and an American Cocker uses 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of water.

A tip when mixing, put about an inch of water in your spray bottle then add your product. Shake well and once mixed add the balance of water.