Plush Puppy Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush

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Product Overview

The Plush Puppy Ultimate Soft Slicker Brush features a durable stainless steel pin construction embedded in a special soft cushioned pad to create a slicker brush desired by even professional groomers. Gentle on both the groomer's hands and the dog's coat, this brush is sure to promote comfortable and enjoyable grooming sessions, promising flawless brushed results every time.

  • Nickle plated, 'no rust' angled steel pins brush at an optimal angle for softness and effectiveness; will not excessively pull the coat or scratch the skin
  • Aerolastic secure rubber air cushion base cast in a handle made from premium Beechwood for a durable design
  • Ergonomically designed for the groomer with maximum brush contact for efficiency of brushing and softness
  • Ideal for de-matting, removing loose hair, and styling coats of all types and lengths
  • Measurements

    • Overall length 7.09 inches (180mm)
    • Brush head 2.76 x 4.72 inches (70 x 120mm)
    • Handle length 4.53 inches (115mm)