Pure Paws Amplify Volumizing Conditioner

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Product Overview

Amplify Your coats, take them to the Next level. Add Volume without the weight - Amp It Up!

Formulated to moisturize the coat without the added weight. A blend of proteins and vitamins will help give essential nutrients needed to maintain your coat in optimal condition while helping add volume. Amp it up to create that Winning Look.

Unique Rice/Wheat Protein Blend

Rice/Wheat Protein - Adds Volume and thickness to the coats.
Primrose - Increases capillary flow for improved coat growth.
Panthenol Vitamin B12 - Prevents split ends & restores natural thickness

For Best Results:

  • Dilute 8-10 parts warm water to 1 part Reconstructing Conditioner
  • Condition and rinse
  • Blow Dry
  • Use the Rest of the Amplify line for Best Results