Pure Paws - Silk Cream Dog Coat Conditioner, 8 oz

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Product Overview

Pure Paws Silk Cream Dog Coat Conditioner is formulated as an ultra deep coat conditioner. It can be applied directly to the coat or diluted for use as a regular dog conditioner or dog spray conditioner.  This conditioner protects against thermal damage and conditions dry and damaged coats to promote healthy coat growth.  Ingredients include Sunflower Seed Oil which provide a high content vitamins A,D and E for nourishing and conditioning of the coat.  Natural cleaning agent Naturally softens water for better cleaning power, adjust the Ph for healthier hair, keeps the hair shiny and smooth, deep cleans hair and is a natural preservative that keeps bacterial growth from growing on the skin.





  • Improves texture 
  • Strengthens
  • Repairs
  • Reduces tangles
  • Adds shine
  • No build up




  • As a regular Dog Conditioner:  Use straight or Dilute up to 16:1  When diluting use a hand blender and warm water. The silk cream should be left in the coat for 2-3 minutes for optimal results, then rinsed out.


  • As a Dog Spray Conditioner:  Simply dilute 2 Tablespoons of Ultra Silk Cream with 8 oz hot water and put in spray bottle shake well. Wait for product to cool.  Use this as a leave in conditioner or wrapping spray.






  • As a hot oil treatment: For a more intense conditioning treatment use as a hot oil. Apply conditioner to coat and cover the coat with a towel, leave in 10 minutes while under a dryer. (ALWAYS CHECK TEMPERATURE), Rinse.