Pure Paws Star Line Brightening Shampoo

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Product Overview

Pure Paws' Star Line Brightening Shampoo (Ultra Brightening) was especially formulated to help brighten dull coats lacking that wonderful luster. This formula uses optical brighteners to bring out the best in all colors. Whites are whiter and look absolutely brilliant while dark colors are enhanced into brilliant rich colors. The Ultra Brightening Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals that will damage you dog's coat.

Recommended for coats that need depth of color. This shampoo is safe to use on ALL colors. The color enhancing effect of this product is created through microscopic optical brighteners. These tiny crystals help reflect back the base color that is already in the coat. This prism effect creates brilliant colors and beautiful whites in all coat types. This product is NOT a bleaching or color removing shampoo. This Brightening Shampoo is 100% safe on all colors.

Note: Does not contain any conditioning agents. Certain breeds will need to complement this product with other Pure Paws products.