Tableworks - Small (30") Folding Grooming Arm, Complete with Clamp and Noose.

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Product Overview

This 30" arm is designed for small dogs and provides both strength and convenience while incorporating several of the same features as our larger grooming arms. The clamp is cast aluminum with large easy-grip knobs so it mounts snugly to the table and is extremely easy to operate. The arm is polished and brushed stainless steel and features an octagnal (not hexagonal) shape so that it will not twist in the clamp.

Table Works grooming arms feature our unique folding design to do away with that awkward 'L' shape. This design allows them to be folded out of the way, which makes them easier to store and transport. These arms are manufactured of stainless steel for the ultimate in strength, longevity, and good looks. They are now available in four styles: the top-of-the-line 48" grooming arm for medium to large dogs, the 40" grooming arm for small to medium dogs, the old favorite 30" grooming arm for small dogs.
These grooming arms are the strongest and easiest to use arms available today.

Designed with safety in mind, the heavy-duty cast aluminum grooming clamps are virtually indestructible. They feature easy-grip table clamp knobs (either one or two) and wide clamping surfaces that eliminates arm wobble and reduces the risk of table breakage. In addition, their easy-grip arm adjustment knob ensures hours of effortless use, while the clamps have more than adequate thread to eliminate stripping. The design of the arm race is such that with minimal effort on the adjustment knob the possibility of the arm dropping on the dog's head is virtually eliminated. The Vise-Grips and pliers can be put back in the tool box where they belong! The arms come complete with a noose and a lifetime guarantee on the clamp.

Because of their strength and ease of use, these grooming arms have become favorites of dog owners and grooming shops.